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Basel Mellec

Cargo Elevator

Marque : BASEL
Modèle : Cargo Elevator
Paroi latérale : Peinture électrostatique
Paroi arrière : Peinture électrostatique
Sol : Feuille d'aliminium
Plafond : Coupe au laser
Rampe : Bande protectrice

A propos

BASEL ELEVATOR, brand name manufacturing industry segment elevator cabin, elevator interior safety gate, elevator conveyor systems and equipment for making production.

products for safety quality aesthetic and design values without compromising the main principle is to produce on a solid foundation.
With the knowledge that we have experienced staff and the development of the industry in a positive way and contribute to the country's economy, creating value among the main targets.
Esophagus followed in domestic and overseas market, followed, moning towards becoming a trustworthy company.

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